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December 1st 12:15 p.m. on Zoom

DickJoin Us December 8th 12:15 p.m. Dick Peffley, who joined the BWL in 1976, was named General Manager by the BWL Board of Commissioners on September 22, 2015. He previously served as Interim General Manager in 2006-7 and 2015. Peffley’s experience at the BWL is extensive, having served in many capacities in the electric and water utilities. He previously served as Executive Director of Operations and was Plant Manager at the Erickson Power Station and Eckert Power Station. Peffley was the project manager for the $182 million REO Cogeneration Plant and Headquarters which came in on time and on budget. He was the project manager for the $23 million repair and refurbishment of the Wise Road Water Conditioning Plant following a chemical accident. Peffley led the Water Department’s efforts that distributed a record-breaking 1 billion gallons of water in a single month to customers during the heat wave in July 2013, and repaired a record number of frozen water lines and water main breaks during the 2013/14 winter’s deep freeze. He led the BWL’s redevelopment effort to sell the former Ottawa Power Station that became headquarters for the Accident Fund. And Peffley was the project manager for the $20 million Chilled Water Plant, which came in on time and on budget, named after his father, BWL retiree Roy E. Peffley.

December 8th 12:15 p.m.
Featuring Scott Bermannscott

  • Owner of Culvers in Eastwood Towne Center and One North Kitchen and Bar, Lansing 
  • Operating partner of One North Kitchen and Bar, Jackson and American Bistro in Eastwood Towne Center
  • Other jobs and background information
    • Owner of Lighthouse Coaching
    • Division President US Food Service
    • VP Lipari Foods
    • Director of Marketing Gordon Food Service
    • Head Coach Varsity Baseball Mason High School