Club Administration

What the Committee Does: Club Program – Speakers Club Inter-Communication Club Supplies and Meeting Supplies Attendance Fellowship Annual Gavel Club Recognition Party Sunshine Committee – Cards & Gifts

Committee Member: Chair – Dan Pappas Howard Pizzo – Club Treasurer Tammy Wilson – Secretary Rita LaMoreaux – President Janice Milligan – President Elect Peter Anastor Larry Ewing Jane Mitchell Patty Roberts Jeff Staley Rob Spagnuolo Bill Stirling Josh Tudor

Sub Committee Chairs

Duty Roster – Dan Pappas Speakers – Jane Mitchell

Finance Chair – Howard Pizzo Rob Spagnuolo Josh Tudor Peter Anastor Jose Lopez Ron Wingate Teresa Brandell Bruce Meyers Lauren Edgley

Annual Gavel Club Recognition Party – Chair Rita LaMoreaux Paul Flynn Patty Roberts Dan Lynch Kathleen Breck Janice Milligan Pat Leyser Cindy Kangas

Sunshine Committee Teresa Borton