March 30th 12:15 p.m. Meeting

Stand Up Comic / Writer

Greenwood District Studios will be Michigan’s first black owned Movie Studio with certified sound stages. What this means is industry movies can be filmed entirely in one location which for us is at the former Lansing Mall Cinema space in Delta Township.

Amaru – Stand Up Comic / Writer / Producer / Director / Actor / Music Producer

Is the man behind the vision of Greenwood District Studios. A 25 year veteran in show business, he has toured the country as a stand-up comedian, entertaining crowds across the united states.

Lisa Michelle – Media Relations

Is a media, marketing and communications professional who began her career working in the news room of a major Chicago newspaper.

Join us Tuesday March 2nd 12:00 p.m.

John Patterson, MPA

He is going to talk to our group about the progress on the construction of McLaren’s new hospital.  Given his history with the hospital, I’m sure John will be able to answer questions in many areas beyond just the new hospital also. 
John Patterson, MPA is an Alumni of Ferris State University and Western Michigan University and maintains his license as a Respiratory Care Practitioner. John’s dedication to McLaren and compassionately serving our patients is apparent to anyone who has worked with him during his decades-long tenure with McLaren Greater Lansing. John’s experience in overseeing many clinical areas will add a patient centered focus to the development of the new hospital.

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