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Community Highlight – Delta Waverly Backpack Program

  •  By Ben Rathbun
  •  Posted on Tuesday, November 3, 2020

We are excited to run a monthly Quotes for a Cause campaign. Each month, our agency will be donating $5 per new business quote to a nonprofit or charitable organization, regardless of whether or not the policy is actually purchased.

In November, we are partnering with Delta Waverly Rotary and their Weekend Food Backpacks. This initiative is spearheaded by our very own Pat Leyser. The program provides a “survival kit” of food – a plastic bag full of five to seven pounds of nonperishable items. That typically is about twelve items – such as beef stew, soup, fruit juice, mac and cheese and granola bars.

The packs of food are put together, assembly-line style, at Waverly East Intermediate School by volunteer Rotarians. Rotarians then deliver the kits to the schools where they are put inside children’s backpacks for distribution. Thank you to Pat for working so hard on making this program a success!

February 16th MeetinG

Kerrin O’Brien
Executive Director, Michigan Recycling Coalition

Kerrin has worked with the Michigan Recycling Coalition in a variety of capacities since 1993. In addition to managing the organization, her interest and work lies in building consensus and movement around pro-recycling policies that work for both the public and private sector. As a nonprofit development specialist and facilitator, Kerrin has led many nonprofit organizations through strategic planning and development efforts. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Social Science from MSU and has completed ICL’s Executive Director Development Program.